Founded by John McGarvey back in 2001, McGarvey Custom Homes has established itself as one of the most prestigious
providers of luxury residential construction and commercial buildings in Southwest Florida.


The stunning architectural lines and exterior detailing found in every McGarvey Custom Home reflect our commitment to expanding the boundaries of your imagination.


Yes, your home is your castle, yet it is so much more. Every detail, every nuance, every element reflects your personality and the warmth of your welcome.


McGarvey Custom Homes’ kitchens are designed from novice to gourmet chef the
kitchens are the center of the home
and entertaining.


The master suite is a private sanctuary, a retreat-like space removed from the vague it’s the hustle and bustle of life. McGarvey Custom Homes is known for creating the unforgettable.


Bathrooms by McGarvey Custom Homes are designed to delight. Every modern amenity and tasteful designs create an oasis focused around your personality and style.


Life in the tropics is meant to be enjoyed. Take the indoors out and bring the outdoors in with beautifully designed and detailed outdoor living areas by McGarvey Custom Homes.


The stunning architectural lines and exterior detailing found in every McGarvey Custom Home reflect our commitment to expanding the boundaries of your imagination. Exquisite waterscapes, lush tropical gardens, sparkling fountains, stunning Porte Cocheres, stately columns and captivating precast concrete elevation accents combine to make an unmistakable statement of arrival.

What do you envision?
Stunning tower and courtyard entries can be designed to reflect the elegance that defines your lifestyle. Concrete paver driveways and walkways, arched openings with dignified solid wood doors, a circular or semicircular approach for guests and a separate, spacious motor court for your personal vehicles can all convey a level of luxury and sophistication that speaks to who you are and all that you’ve achieved. The architects and landscaping professionals at McGarvey Custom Homes are intent on crafting artful exteriors that maximize the visual appeal of your home. The possibilities are as grand as your imagination!

Before Construction

Temp Wall (Outside)Broken CMU Wall 5Broken CMU Wall 4Broken CMU Wall 3Broken CMU Wall 2Broken CMU Wall 1Tie Beam 4Tie Beam 3Tie Beam 2Tie Beam 1Temp Wall - Shoring (Inside)Stucco CracksShoring 4Shoring 3Shoring 2Shoring 1Gutter 2Gutter 1Gutter - Fascia (Before)Garage Bucking

During Construction

Tie Beam Demo 4Soffit Demo 2Soffit Demo 1Tie Beam Demo 7Tie Beam Demo 6Tie Beam Demo 5Tie Beam Demo 3Tie Beam Demo 2Tie Beam Demo 1Stucco 6Stucco 5Stucco 4Stucco 3Stucco 2Stucco 1Soffit Demo 4Soffit Demo 3New Wall 1New Tie Beam 2New Tie Beam 1New Temp Wall - w Tie Beam and Wall 1New Temp Wall - Shoring (Outside) 4New Temp Wall - Shoring (Outside) 3New Temp Wall - Shoring (Outside) 2New Temp Wall - Shoring (Outside) 1New Temp Wall - Shoring (Inside) 2New Temp Wall - Shoring (Inside) 1Garage Ceiling 2Garage Ceiling 1Front ElevationWall Demo 2Wall Demo 1

Finished Construction

Gutter 1Ceiling 2Garage Door 1Ceiling 3Ceiling 1Garage Door 2


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