Yes, your home is your castle, yet it is so much more. Every detail, every nuance, every element reflects your personality, your sense of imagination and the warmth of your welcome. When you envision the spaces in which you will live, what do you see? Perhaps you imagine breathtakingly tall ceilings with exquisite coffers trimmed with rich crown moulding. Perhaps you are tantalized by thoughts of gracious rooms flowing elegantly from one to the next, intimate dining spaces facing private courtyards and wide galleries designed to display the finest of art collections. His and Her home offices and a library may be called for, or a home theatre for the fullest enjoyment of state-of-the-art entertainment. Your signature is found in every piece of granite, tile, wood, ironwork, keystone and column – all of which have been studiously vetted by you working closely with your builder and designer. The grandest of spaces is that masterwork that reflects your good taste. At McGarvey Custom Homes, we are here to assist you in executing the symphony of details that combine to create the grandest of living spaces.